Whips and Crops

Whips and crops to add the right amount of pain and pleasure in sex


A bit of spanking, a bit of pain, and a whole lot of pleasure—that’s the best way to define our range of whips, crops, and canes. And once you’ll start spanking by using these whips and canes, you’ll surely live the moments that are dipped in a mix of pain and pleasure. That’s, actually, the sort of pain you’ll cherish.


Anyway, while glancing at our product selection, you’ll find whips that are crafted using supple leather and deerskin. Likewise, we’ve even got feathered slappers that are made of premium leather; and because of that, these slappers bring a sort of regality that’s not to be found elsewhere. If, however, you don’t like whips and slappers, we’ve got crops, too. These crops blend steel and leather to have a sturdy yet soft look—we know it’s oxymoronic, yet it’s true. Apart from the whips, crops, and slappers, we have gloves (mid and large), fur-lined paddles, pony floggers with butt plugs, canes (black and red), and wanton dildos (skin brown and black).


Now, that’s what we call exhaustive. So what are you waiting for? Get any of these items from us and ensure that almost all of your nights carry sexual memories that are unforgettable for all the good reasons.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 99 items
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