Strippers Poles

It’s time to let the stripper in you take charge


Hey, it’s time to make your living room or your bedroom a true stripper’s stage with our selection of stripper poles. Yeah, you read it absolutely right as we’re offering a selection of dance poles so that the stripper, who’s still somewhere inside you, shows herself and makes matters really hot in the room and in his pants as well.


Now, let’s talk about the merchandise: This secret dance pole is available in a range of colors (purple, pink, and chrome) and comes with a non-skid ceiling pad. And the best of all—you needn’t have any of those goddamn screws while installing this dance pole. Now, that means you just bring it, put it, and you’re good to go. (Psst! If you’re planning to apply a bit more weight than usual on the pole, then we’ll recommend you to use those not-so-goddamn screws.)


However, if you think that the stripper inside you is unborn, then we’re even giving you a secret dancer DVD along with a music CD with this purchase. After watching the DVD and practicing a bit, play the sensual music, throw a couple of moves on the dance pole, and witness the birth of a stellar striptease artist—someone who’ll make your significant other go weak at the knees. Go, shoppers, go!

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
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