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Room4play believes in the beauty of a genuinely natural body, but if you are looking to add a few sizes to your love-making intimate instrument, or to boost up your sex life or sex positions then look no further.

You will see results as soon you get into action.

While we support and encourage natural beauty in all its shapes, sizes and forms, we offer as well products for those who are looking to add some extra inches or cm to their precious apparatus. Our enlargement gear and enhancement supplements such as testosterone boosters will show you results in no amount of time and will get you started with the right load to satisfy your needs.

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  • Electrosex Gear

    An electric arousal leads to an electrifying orgasm


    If you’re thinking that the words “electricity” and “genitalia” mustn’t be mixed together, our selection of electrosex gear will change your thoughts for the better. The elecrosex gear—yeah, the ones that use mild electricity to arouse—are absolutely safe to use. So you can experiment with such sex toys without having a hint of hesitation.


    These electosex toys will pass mild electrical currents within the most intimate parts of your body so that you get aroused in no time. And when you’ll look at our product collection, you’ll find something for everyone—whether a male or a female. Plus, we deal with some of the topmost brands in the business such as Zeus. And if you’re a beginner who’s just anxious because you’ve heard the word “electricity,” we’ve got you covered as well; that’s because we offer a beginner’s electrosex kit that’s designed just for you.


    These units are powered by either small leads or batteries and have given a lot of people the most intense stimulations—something that you’ll only hope to have with those vibrating toys. By using these sex toys, you can experience bothexternal and internal stimulations, which often lead to satisfying, hands-free climaxes. Are you still waiting? Order one of the elecrosex toys from us now and make your arousal electric and orgasm electrifying.

  • Enlargement Gear

    Because big is always better


    When it comes to sex, big is forever better. However, many of us aren’t endowed with that enormous penis or those humongous tits. So for all those people who’re still struggling with a short pecker or with a pair of mosquito bite boobs, we’ve got something that’ll fill their world with joy and hope.


    In this e-shop, we provide enlargement gears for both males and females. This gear will fulfill all your needs of getting that little adjustment that you’ve yearned for a long, long time. Our collection consists of nipple enlarger kits, nipple cylinders (small and medium), adjustable extenders for a penis, penis girth enhancers, to name a few. Apart from the enlargement gear, we’re even offering vibrating nipple stimulators, suction breast pumps, clitoral excitement cylinders, mamba cock sheath (skin brown and black), and many more.


    And don’t be concerned about your shipment’s packaging. We care about your privacy as much as you do, so we ensure that your order is packed discreetly before it leaves the warehouse. Plus, delivery will always be on time if you’re buying from us. So browse through our wide collection and buy enlargement gear that’ll help you in your quest to gain more confidence and more appeal.

  • Lubes & Oils

    Use lubes, creams, and oils because wetter is always better


    Now is the time to know your significant other's body inside out with our sex lubes, creams, and oils. That’s because when the environment is moist, the lightest caresses and the roughest strokes will hit the right note come what may. Here, we’ve got the widest range of lubricants, creams and oils so that you’ll find the product that you came looking for.


    Apart from these lubes, creams, and oils, we even have different capsules, tablets, and male genital desensitizers to let you be at your best on the bed. By applying these lubes and oils, your skin will become as supple as silk; and it’ll glow in such a way that your partner will crave for its touch. So browse through these great products, now, and pick something that suits your needs.


    Also, these oils, creams, lubes, tabs, and capsules are stored in medical-grade packs so that they enjoy a bigger shelf life. So buy these lubes and oils online from us and make sex more sensual and more exciting naturally. Note: Just check the directions of usage on the back of the pack before you use/apply the product.

  • Sex Position Aids

    Swings and stands to spark sexual innovation


    If you’re looking to do something that’s extraordinarily new and fresh in sex, you’ve arrived at the right place (or page, if you will). We’re an e-shop that deals in swings, stands, stirrups, straps, and many more similar items that’ll make sex not only convenient but also innovative.


    Just a glance at our product selection will let you know that we mean business all right? We’ve got all the items that’ll let you refresh your sexual activities whenever needed. Our selection includes leather slings and stirrups, bondage love swings, swing seats with dildos, suction handles (single locking and dual locking), and spinning sex swings. And if you’re thinking how much time will it take to install any of these magnificent items, then no need to worry at all as installation is simple and quick.


    With these swings and stands, you’ll enjoy a range of sexual positions that you could’ve only dreamed of performing before. And don’t worry about the packaging as we’ll pack every consignment as discreetly as possible—because our customer’s sexual privacy is always our pride. So order these adult novelties from us right now and swing into action like you’ve never done before!

  • Enhancement Supplements

    With these sex supplements, it’s time to unlearn your limits


    Wishing to have stamina and give your sexual performance a boost like never before? If you nod in favor, then here’s a range of supplements that’ll let us win your favor by making sex better. Whether you’re looking for enhancing your penis’s size or planning to make oral sex comfortable for your significant other, we’ve got all your sex-related needs covered.


    Talking of our range, we’ve got male genital desensitizers, stiff one performance enhancers, erectile enhancements tablets, numb deep throat sprays, desensitizing anal lubes, to name just a few. And each of these products—whether they’re sprays, lubes, creams, capsules, or tabs—is built to improve the quality of your sexual life.


    And, you know, we’re pretty serious when it comes to packing these sex performance supplements. So for that purpose, we only use the best medical-grade packaging material so that every supplement’s shelf life remains intact. And our work doesn’t seem to end on packaging; that’s because for us, delivery is as important as packaging. So we ensure that the delivery is made on time (or, sometimes, even before).That’s why if you’re thinking to buy male and female sexual enhancement supplements online, think about us.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 692 items
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