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With these accessories, your BDSM and bondage plays won’t be the same


Whether you’re planning quick bondage plays or elaborate BDSM sessions, we’ve got you covered. That’s because we’re offering premium mouth gags, fantasy extreme compliance kits, and other adult novelties. Particularly, when it comes to gags that are used in such activities, we carry a lot of different styles so that everyone finds something to match their tastes.


Our product selection is our pride and joy as it’s so vast and has so many top-notch gags and other adult novelties that we’ve got repeat customers time and again. Our collection consists of face fuckers, ring gags, mouth hooks, gag-and-blindfold head harnesses, nipple clamps, throat gags, face harnesses, inflatable butterfly gags, penis gags, to name just a few.


And that’s not all—we even take pretty good care of beginners, and that’s why we’re offering ball gags that are designed especially for the inexperienced; these gags are comfortable to use, and their size isn’t that intimidating. Along with all of this, we’re nitpicky about the material that’s used for crafting these adult novelties; because of that, only top-notch leather and other similar materials go into making these adult products. So visit our selection and pick an item that suits your needs aptly.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 94 items
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