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Redefine mystery, lust, and pleasure with these fetish masks


When it’s about picking the kinkiest masks and hoods, trust our e-shop to offer a range that’s nearly matchless. All the BDSM hoods and masks that we deal in use the finest leather, Velcro, or fleece—actually we source these materials from some of the best suppliers in the business. Since these materials are body friendly, their use won’t let your pleasure leave any scars on your body whatsoever.


Now if we talk about our collection, we pride ourselves on a selection that includes padded blindfolds, masquerading masks, gag-and-blindfold head harnesses, locking slave hoods, executioner’s hoods, sensory deprivation hoods, zippered eyeless hood, padded leather hoods (large, medium, or small), vibrating strap-on sets, to name just a few.


So with such a wide range at your disposal, you can easily expect to get something that suits the kinkiest of tastes. Plus, we even ensure that your wild erotic escapades remain yours only and that’s why we pack your order in discreet packaging. Ah, there are so many perfects in this e-shop. Now, are you still waiting? Come on, shoppers, browse through our selection and buy fetish masks that fit your and your partner’s tastes.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 91 items
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