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Room4Play offers not only sex toys but also a reason to remain healthy

If you thought the invention of the dildo dates from our modern age, think again… Recent excavations and archeological digs have discovered one of the oldest dildos ever made. Well, it’s actually not one but two. The first one dates back 4 000 to 6 000 years and was made using antler bone. The second one is around 28 000 years old and is made of stone… This goes to show that one of our earliest inventions was centered on our sensual and sexual satisfactions. And as time evolved, these inventions took on a more serious and scientific manner.

Statistics show that people who develop a habit out of using their vibrator, dildo or any kind of sex toy, possess a better sex drive and an overall healthier disposition and therefore, tend to be happier and enjoy a better perspective on life. So there is truth in the mantra ‘a sound mind in a sound body’.

There is no wonder then that science is still used in the making of the perfect sex toy and the best leather bondage gear. And the demand is growing by the minute. Stores, online and on the streets, are spreading and adult novelties are as easy to get as candy. However, just like with any other product, you have to separate the bad and ugly from the good and efficient. Room4Play, an online store launched to the benefit of all, offers a very interesting take to buy sex toys online.

First and foremost, with a slogan that says ‘Speak Pleasure and Enter’, you already feel from the get-go like you are embarking on an adventure and entering a world that evolves around your sexual satisfaction. The particular use of the word ‘pleasure’ guarantees your sexual, erotic fulfillment. While the last word ‘enter’ bears a strong metaphorical meaning when the subject at hand is none other than sex.

Second, name and slogan aside, thanks to the advancement of science and the development of new ways, means and tools to take full advantage of our sexual beings, the choice of adult novelties, sex toys, g-vibrators, dildos, plugs, etc. is as wide as it is magnificent at Room4Play. And why shouldn’t it be so. If sex toys are being reinvented and revolutionized like cars, phones, computers and even jets, it is because there is an important need for them and as opposed to what some might have us believe, they are in fact going mainstream. Suburban casserole and make-up parties are turning into sex toy parties. And when that is not possible, a simple google research can easily let your figure out what household item can be a substitute for a vibrator or dildo. However it is always safer to use the actual tested toy rather than a makeshift anal plug made out of marbles or table tennis balls for example.

Third, the science is not only there to help us achieve orgasm, it also prides itself on allowing us to have better orgasms. With inventions like the ben-wa balls, you can actually take your vagina to the gym… And yes, Room4Play has a variety of them as well.

So with an online store like that, providing all kinds of sex toy fun, adult novelties and products to help improve your sex drive, and therefore your health, and consequently your mind and well-being, why not speak pleasure and enter? After all, it is healthy!

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Published on 04/10/2016 17:50:17
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