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Room4Play offers not only sex toys but also a reason to remain healthy

If you thought the invention of the dildo dates from our modern age, think again… Recent excavations and archeological digs have discovere ... more

Posted in Sex Toys

04/10/2016 17:50:17,   0 comments

Why Room4Play isn’t your average erotic store?

In an age where kink and erotic games are more and more available and out there, where looking for a place to spread your sexual wings is ju ... more

Posted in Sex Toys

27/09/2016 07:23:35,   0 comments

Here’s why to trust Room4Play to meet your sex toy needs

When it comes to adult novelties and sex toys, the choices can be quite intimidating at first glance. However, once you know your comfort zo ... more

Posted in Sex Toys

19/09/2016 00:00:00,   0 comments

Here are the Top Bachelorette Party Favors For You to Buy

It is true that a party favor can easily transform a run-of-the-mill party into a stellar event. So if you are throwing a bachelorette bash, ... more

Posted in Bachelorette Party

19/08/2016 05:02:22,   0 comments

The importance of a bachelorette party for Bride-to-be

Weddings have evolved throughout history: what was once a simple, almost improvised procedure lasting only a few minutes, has turned into th ... more

Posted in Bachelorette Party

05/07/2016 17:55:42,   0 comments

Funny Bachelorette Party Games that will be a hit

A Bachelorette Party is the rite – of – passage of any bride – to – be as it signifies her last day of official freedom before getti ... more

Posted in Bachelorette Party

21/08/2015 22:53:06,   1 comments
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