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Compacts that redefine sensual pleasure

Ladies and gents, here’s a vibrator (or vibrators) that’s as compact as a bullet but delivers pleasure that’s as great as a hurricane. Who-hoo! These vibrators prove that size doesn’t always matter—rather; the power that comes packed with that size is all that really matters.

Whether you’re talking about the electro bullet or the egg vibrators, they’ve got an ergonomic design for letting you have a better grip and because of this better grip, you really don’t fumble while the pleasure is building up. Now, when we’ll talk of the built, these electro bullet vibrators are designed to send powerful vibes in your body’s pleasure spots so that you can experience a powerful ecstasy.

And if you’re a bit concerned about the packaging and delivery, rest assured as we’ll pack your order in discreet packaging so that your pleasure-filled secrets remain yours only. So buy egg vibrators or the bullet ones from our e-shop and be prepared to change your nocturnal sensual adventures for the better.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 79 items
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