Ankle and Wrist Cuffs

Add drama, discipline, and dominance to your bondage plays


Bondage plays ought to bring a sort of daring delight that’s unfound in any other sex game format. Whether you’re a Shibari expert or a bondage beginner, you’ve arrived at the right destination to make the most of your BDSM plays. That’s because here you’ll find a range of accessories and intimate toys to make your sexual sessions interesting and full of drama, dominance, and discipline.


In our shop, we’ve got designer cuffs (pink and black), fantasy bondage belts, bondage tapes, leather wrist cuffs, leather arm and chest restraining belts, suede-lined ankle cuffs, bondage spreadsheets (king size and queen size), to name just a few. We’ve even got a bondage fantasy kit that’s especially designed for the newbies. However, each of our kinky products—whether meant for the experienced or the newbie—has the industrial strength to withstand all the rough use easily.


Like our every other product line, these bondage and kink products are made only from the best leather, suede, silicone, and other materials. That’s why when it’s about quality we’re just the best in the business. So buy wrist cuffs or any other bondage merchandise from us and let your nightly sex sessions become more controlled and ecstatic.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 213 items
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