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Room4Play is the best place to buy sex toys online, Leather Bondage Toys, leather bondage wear, discreet online sex toys, and last but not least, bachelorette party novelty items.

Here you will find our full repertoire of best fun sex toys for women and men. Take a moment to browse through the sub categories and find the perfect match to fulfill your desire for pleasure.

With the incredibly affordable and cheap adult novelties online, your sensual endeavours will be fulfilled tremendously thanks to their smart design which allows great, incomparable pleasure for yourself and your significant other. The sensational sex toy fun will guarantee you fulfillment and satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams. Sensual gadgets are especially designed to please and provide unforgettable moments

Our fun party sex toys can add this little umph that you were looking for. Experience intense moments with our products and do not be shy to ask for more.

Your Lovemaking will take a new twist when you buy sex toys online from our endless collection. Dwell into your fantasies and discover new experiences of lust and intense, carnal sensuality. 

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  • Anal Beads

    Anal Beads Category

    Discover the ecstasy that comes with anal sex


    Make your anal sex experience richer and more memorable by buying any of the anal beads presented over here. We’ve got a great variety if you’re looking forward to buying anal sex toys online. There’ll be the beanstalk anal beads, cupid's arrow anal beads, ondula silicone anal beads, long anal beads in a variety of colors, to name a few.


    And every one of the anal toys in this variety is made of really body-safe materials so that the pleasure always comes with no side effects whatsoever. However, if you’re a beginner in the game of anal sex, then we’ve covered you as well; that’s because we offer beginners anal beads that are perfectly proportioned to make your first-time anal sex adventurous and worth remembering for all the good reasons.


    Note: These anal beads pleasure you well, so you ought to take complete care of them. For this purpose, we’ll recommend you to wash the beads (after every anal play session) with a sex toy cleaner. (We’ve a lot of toy cleaners, which you can explore as per your convenience.) So order these anal beads today and become privy to the wonders that come with anal play.

  • Anal Plugs

    Anal Plugs Category

    Toys that let you rethink anal sex

    When you’re deciding to buy anal sex toys, give Room4Play a chance as it has got a variety that lets you create premium anal experience. Our adult store’s anal plugs and vibrators help you to re-imagine the anal play in your sex life.

    These intimate anal gadgets come in shapes, structures, and sizes that make it easier for them to reach the pleasing, sensitive, delicate areas. Plus, our adult shop never ignores the safety that these anal toys ought to have; because of this, its anal vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, etc., are tested against different parameters. (Here’s one interesting piece of info: Buy a butt plug online from this site and get a heavy discount of 30 percent.)

    Further, our store’s selection is designed to meet the needs of everyone—from anal aficionados to booty beginners. And the anal toys, here, are designed in such a way that you can easily pleasure yourself at a pace that suits you well. In short, our adult store has got all the stuff that’ll make the world of anal filled with unspeakable wonders. So open this incredible chest of anal sex toys and explore to your heart’s content.

  • Ben Wa Balls

    Benwa Balls Category

    The great balls that prepare you to have great pleasure

    Do you to make your vaginal Kegel exercises fun and pleasurable? If yes, you’ve got to buy Kegel balls (which are also known as Ben Wa balls). And Room4Play prides itself on its excellent selection of Ben Wa balls that are designed to make vaginal Kegel exercising filled with pleasure and fun.

    The chief benefits of using luxury Ben Wa balls every day include enhanced sensation and improved muscular control. Finally, because of these benefits, you’ll be able to achieve really mind-boggling orgasms every time—whether you’re going solo or with your partner.

    Originated in Asia several centuries ago, these pleasure balls have been, to date, cherished by ladies worldwide. Now, however, you can even buy these Ben Wa balls online, too, from our adult store. Our shop has a range of balls, which are made of skin-friendly materials so that you don’t have to bother about vaginal allergies or infections ever while using them.

    How do they work?

    All you have to do is to insert these balls within your vagina and hold them inside; this activity, if done regularly, will easily tighten and tone your pubococcygeus muscles. And once these muscles become toned, you’ll be able to achieve stellar orgasms. Yee-haw!

    So place an order for one pair of Ben Wa balls from this store today so that you can attach that feel-good factor with sex and orgasms.

  • Cock Rings

    Cock Rings Category

    One cock ring is all what it takes to re-energize your manhood

    Here’s a range of cock rings that’ll boost your performance within the four walls of a bedroom or, for that matter, within any place where you feel horny. These stretchy dick rings can become a great first-time toy as they’re very simple to use. And if you’re looking for some extra dose of thrill, here’s one advice—go for the vibrating penis rings; yeah, these beauties will vibrate and will make your dick shake in pleasure.

    Buy these dick rings online and get privy to a world where you can let your manhood take charge. Now, if you’re concerned about how this thing works, here’s the low-down—these cock rings can restrict the flow of blood that’s going to the penis. And because of this restriction, your member becomes very tight—that’s something which is thoroughly enjoyed by a lot of lads.

    Adorn this piece on the penis’s base, or behind the scrotum, or simply on the member’s shaft to get a hard-on that you haven’t experienced before. This is one of the finest sex toys that you can use while you’re going solo or with your significant other. Also, one other factor that’ll motivate you to buy cock rings is their penis-friendly design and materials. So buy one today from Room4Play and enjoy a sexual sensation that you haven’t felt before.

  • Dildos

    Dildos Category

    With these dildo sex toys, it’s time to turn fantasies into arousing realities

    What is the sex toy whose popularity hasn’t thinned even after centuries of hard use? It’s none other than a dildo. At Room4Play—a prominent adult store—you’ll find this classic sex toy in varieties that you haven’t even thought of. Basically, dildo sex toys have evolved with time and have adopted the newness aptly, smartly, and swiftly. Shall we, now, talk about what goes into making these ever-popular dildos?

    When it’s about building materials, our store exercises great care; here, you’ll find dildos that are made of premium crystal, metal, latex, and silicone materials. And since many of them (except the vibrating ones, though) don’t require any batteries, you can use (or should we say abuse) this sex toy the way you want; whether you’re thinking of anal penetration or vaginal one, this baby is meant for hard use.

    One advice—always use a small-sized dildo in the beginning, and then buy dildos online that are big in size. And, yup, it’s totally true that big, buzz vibrating dildos will give you a wholesome experience. So at our store, glance at one of the widest ranges and pick the one that’ll give the orgasmic bliss that have given you countless wet dreams.

  • Discreet Toys

    Discreet sex toys

    With the Discreet Toys, the only thing standing between you and the epitome of carnal gratification is a simple plaything. 

    Designed with the ideal pleasurable experience in mind, our beautifully cheap discreet sex toys will hit the spot every time. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

    Indulge in a new sensuality filled with mysteries and wonders with our dreamy discreet collection.

    All of our products are easy to use, handy and oh so powerful, they’re lovely, know what you want and will give you what you need at the touch of a button. It's all yours!

    Secrets have never felt that good when you buy discreet sex toys. Your toy holds secrets no one will find, so kiss and don't tell.

  • Dongs

    Dongs Category

    Dongs that add to the sexiness and realness of your sexual desires

    It’s rightfully said that a good dong is similar to a good book—thick, long, and hard to put down. Eh? And for this purpose, our adult store gives you a selection of dongs that’ll satisfy your darkest sexual desires. If you’re a bit concerned about the make of these pleasure-filled whoppers, then read on.

    The material is of primary importance when it comes to designing these dongs. We use latex, silicone, and other body friendly materials that are easily bendable and easily endure excessive use, too. These dongs and dildos are modeled using real penises so that you get to lay your hands on something that’s next to a real monster dick and to make matters more real, some of these dongs even have natural-looking testicles and veins. The best part is that these online vibrating dongs and dildos remain firm and are even compatible with a lot of lubes.

    So buy that perfect dong along other adult novelties at Room4Play—an adult store that’s pretty dedicated to ensure that you shape your sexual desires no matter how crazy they are.

  • G Spot Vibrators

    Arousing the G spot now becomes as easy as ABC

    It has been quite a long time since you have indulged in pleasuring yourself but you may not know that the best way to start doing that is by getting these well-crafted, hi-tech G spot vibrators online from our adult store. These vibrators have the shape, the design, and the power to stimulate your G spot in a way that you’ve never thought of.

    If you’re single or have just ended a tiring relationship and don’t want anyone to pleasure you, then buy one of these really advanced, easy-to-use clitoral stimulators. Our store boasts a wide selection of these vibrators so that you’re literary spoiled for choice. And just because it has a wide range, our shop doesn’t mean to compromise on quality ever.

    Whether it’s the design or the material, everything related to these clitoral vibrators is considered at Room4Play so that you get aroused easily and so that the pleasure lasts really long. Further, our store ensures that each of its intimate toys is safe to use—whether you’re using it in your vagina or in your anal area.

    So buy G spot vibrators from here today and make every day, or evening, or night filled with the prostate pleasure that you’d only heard, read, or imagined.

  • Love Dolls

    Taking masturbation to the next level

    Many lads think that their hands are enough when it comes to self-pleasuring. However, we, at Room4Play, like introducing newness to the art of masturbation. We want masturbation to be as good as real sex; and for that reason, we’re offering mega masturbators and love dolls online.

    At this adult store, we’ve got sex love dolls that have openings (or orifices) in strategic places such as vagina, mouth, and anus. And all this is done so that you can penetrate any of these openings to your full satisfaction. A couple of these models are designed with vibrators so that you can have powerful orgasms every time you masturbate while using them.

    Apart from love dolls, we’ve even got masturbators for girls; these masturbators are male dolls that are pretty lifelike and have a firm dick and well-chiseled bod so that every fantasy of a girl is addressed to a tee. And each of these love dolls—whether it’s for males or females—can be deflated or inflated quickly. We’ve given the deflating feature to them so that they can become portable and can be stored discreetly.

    So buy sex dolls for males and females right away and have a sex partner who won’t throw tantrums ever. In short, with us, you’ll get a bedmate that’ll be ready to have sex whenever you are.

  • Masturbators

    Masturbators Category

    Achieve excellent orgasms in no time

    When it comes to masturbation, our adult store offers only those sex toys that give unequalled pleasure to you. Each of these masturbators promotes ultimate sensual experience every time you use them.

    We’ve got sex toys for both males and females, and these adult novelties are made of the finest, body-safe materials—latex, glass, etc. And that’s not all as we’ve even got vibrating masturbators that’ll give you, the user, an orgasmic experience that’ll be memorable and that’ll make your heart flutter whenever you’ll think of it.

    If you’re talking about the design of these intimate toys, then you’ll be pleased to know that each design is friendly for the human body. In short, these masturbators have got everything that’ll let them create a heightened sense of pleasure. So buy male vibrating masturbators and other more traditional ones from us right away and indulge in the highest and the purest form of pleasure that’s known to humankind.

  • Sex Machines

    Redefining mechanical lovemaking here and now

    Now is the time to take intercourse to the next level by getting these sex machines online that are available from us—the team at Room4Play. We’ve played close attention to our consumers’ needs for product durability; which is why, each of the units is quite strong so that it can withstand a lot of rough use easily. And their durability is the direct result of the use of industrial-grade material; yup, we ensure that only the sturdiest materials go into the making of the best fuck machines.

    Also, we’ve even ensured that these machines can let you enjoy a lot of sex positions—because we know that variety is the spice of life that mustn’t be missed at any cost. Also, since we’re discussing designs, we want you to know that these machines will let you enjoy pleasure that won’t involve your hands. That’s what we like to refer to as the “hands-free pleasure.” Hey, there’s one more point—these machines are designed to give you, the pleasure seeker, a lot of strokes and at varying speeds that will let you experience a heightened sense of pleasure.

    So buy these fuck machines from us today and take a step toward creating a world that’s abundant with a multitude of carnal pleasures.

  • Sex Toys on Special

    Sex toys that will please you physically and economically


    When it’s about enjoying a mind-blowing solo session or indulging in sensual foreplay, you’ll find that our sex toys collection on special does not compromise this quality nor will it drain your piggy bank. Whether it’s a raindrop anal plug or a powerful vibrator, you’ll be spoiled for choice and reasonable price when you’ll buy from our sex toys on special section. Because of its huge variety, this collection has made customers happy and again and has given us a lot of repeat businesses as well.


    Each of these sex toys is created keeping in mind a couple’s erotic desires and their budgets. So if you’re new to the concept of these adult novelties or if you’ve been looking to add something exciting to your collection, our toys will satisfy sensually and economically.


    And if you’re concerned about the toy’s materials and longevity, rest assured as nothing but the best materials and workmanship go behind creating it. For this reason, these sex toys can withstand rough use when needed. So step inside, browse our wide range of sex toys on special, and make sure that none of your days and nights lack the steamy sensual pleasure that you’ve always dreamed of having. Shop with confidence while you save!

  • Strap Ons

    Strap Ons Category

    Strap-on sex toys that let you dominate and enrich your sex sessions

    A male, a female, a gay, a lesbian, or a straight—all have the power to enjoy strap-on sex with these online strap-on sex toys which we’re showcasing here. These strap-on dildos can be worn quickly and, most importantly, comfortably.

    Also, we ensure that the harnesses of these strap-ons are of sterling quality so that you can enjoy premium dildo fun anytime, anywhere. While designing these strap-ons, we ensure that you and your significant other remain comfortable during your making out session. Also, the straps are strategically located on each of these sex toys so that you start to feel as if they’re just an extension of your body. Further, these harnesses are available from us in a selection of materials—pleather, polyester, cotton, and leather, whatever you may need, we most likely have it.

    Also, when you’ll be shopping for strap-ons from us, you can rest assured that your consignment will be packed discreetly and will reach the recipient (who can be you or any of your friends or relatives) on time. So don’t wait and shop from us today so that your nocturnal sexual fantasies become realities.

  • Toy Cleaner

    Love the toys that make sex safe and healthy


    You just love the way your sex toys work. The way they serve, while you’re with your partner or going solo, is indeed admiring. However, you, too, need to serve your sex toys all right. Just a little bit of your care is all these pleasure toys need. That’s why we’re offering sex toy cleaners to be precise.


    These toy cleaners are designed to never let your sex toys become a colony of bacteria because that’s downright unsexy. We’ll say that you must buy any anti-bacterial toy cleaner from our e-shop because it’s got chemicals and solutions that’ll keep the toys as good as new. Also, every toy cleaner over here has got a unique fragrance that’ll give your sex toys a smell that’s indeed sensual.


    Plus, we know that you don’t want the news of your nightly pleasure to slip out of your bedroom or your home. That’s why we ensure that each sex toy cleaner online is packed discreetly so that your nightly secrets remain, well, a secret. So browse around our website, shoppers, and pick any of the cleaners you find fit for your toy.

  • Vibrators

    Vibrators Category

    With these vibrators, every orgasm becomes simply the best

    Like always, every lady wants more pleasure. We’ve seen many women who’re unsatisfied with the time which they waste in bed trying to reach climax. So ladies who think or feel likewise have our earnest sympathies. However, we’re not just sympathizing with you; rather, we’re offering a range of adult sex toy vibrators online that’ll let you have mind-blowing orgasms every time you use them.

    Our range of vibrators includes duckie vibrators (yellow, white, and black), the tower vibrator, prostrate health vibrators, butterfly kiss vibrators (blue and pink), 8-inch whoppers with balls, and the like. Simply put, we’ve got a huge range of vibrators to let every one of you remain happy—whether you’re going solo or with your beloved partner.

    And when we talk of the make of these sex toys, only the best medical grade ABS, silicone, and other waterproof materials are put into use. Plus, these sex toys are available in different speed and vibration modes so as to give you pleasure that’s either subtly gentle or highly intense. So that’s why whenever you want to buy vibrators for women, this e-shop is your best bet.

  • Wand Massagers

    A wand that’ll make orgasms magical

    We know the importance of good orgasms, and that’s why we’re offering a selection of magic wand massagers online. These wands will let you have the time of your life whenever you’re thinking of playing with yourself or whenever you and your partner are thinking of having novel foreplay sessions.

    These intimate massagers have quiet vibrations. Also, the design of these massagers makes sure they’re easy to hold without losing their sensuality. Also, when it comes to their functionality, these wands never make a sound—they’re as quite as a whisper, so you can rest assured that the sound of your pleasures will be for your or your partner’s ears only. Further, the design of this product targets the right erogenous zones, so the pleasure will be all yours till the end.

    When it comes to the materials that go behind making these wands, they’re made of body-safe silicone and other materials. These materials are safe and hygienic to use in your sensitive parts. Our collection of magic wand massagers includes hummingbird masturbator attachments, flutter tip silicone wand attachments, wand essentials tri-gasm attachments, leather forced orgasm belts, to name just a few. Some of our message wands come with anal stimulator, G-Spot stimulator, and clit stimulator—that’ll indeed triple the pleasure.

    So buy a personal wand massager from us and get into action without even a moment of delay. Enjoy!

  • Bullets & Eggs

    Compacts that redefine sensual pleasure

    Ladies and gents, here’s a vibrator (or vibrators) that’s as compact as a bullet but delivers pleasure that’s as great as a hurricane. Who-hoo! These vibrators prove that size doesn’t always matter—rather; the power that comes packed with that size is all that really matters.

    Whether you’re talking about the electro bullet or the egg vibrators, they’ve got an ergonomic design for letting you have a better grip and because of this better grip, you really don’t fumble while the pleasure is building up. Now, when we’ll talk of the built, these electro bullet vibrators are designed to send powerful vibes in your body’s pleasure spots so that you can experience a powerful ecstasy.

    And if you’re a bit concerned about the packaging and delivery, rest assured as we’ll pack your order in discreet packaging so that your pleasure-filled secrets remain yours only. So buy egg vibrators or the bullet ones from our e-shop and be prepared to change your nocturnal sensual adventures for the better.

  • For Couples

    Whether you are trying to spice up your couple sex life or just curious to try something new with your significant other, we are convinced that you will find the right product in our For Couples selection.
    We have a huge variety of couple toys that will make both of you scream for more endless orgasms. Try our We Vibe Sync by letting your partner take remote control of intensity and frequency of your pleasures. Browse through our collection of products For Couples to find the right toy for your budget and need.
    Rest assured that our merchandise is of the highest quality & safety and comes from top rated manufacturers for adult novelties.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 1908 items
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