Accessories that add sensuality and safety to sex


With our adult toys comes a range of sex accessories that are built to make intercourse sensual and safe. Our sex toys accessories include everything from age-old designs to the latest innovations. You know, we’ve got intimate accessories for each and every one and that’s precisely where our pride lies.


If you care to explore our product selection, you’ll lay your hands on accessories that’ll simply make sex more exciting. Our collection comprises an unisex douche enema, an anal douche, or an anal hole spreader (as anal-cleaning accessories); a heart-shaped nickel polished padlock (for bondage adventures); a single rosebud sound, a vibrating urethral pin, or a stainless steel beaded urethral plug (for making urethral play more sensual); the black nitrile examination gloves (for examining the bod of your partner safely and sensually); or the huge equine vaginal speculum (for exploring the vaginal depths).


Gosh, there is so much variety—which is why we’ll urge you to browse through the entire range of products to know the accessories that suit your needs and tastes. So whether you’re a male, a female, a straight, or a gay/lesbian, we’ve got something to make your sexual adventures more thrilling.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 125 items
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